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Corning Museum of Glass Staff Meetings

 Record Group
Identifier: CMOG-RG27
Scope and Contents

This collection contains meeting materials from The Corning Museum of Glass Staff Meetings. The collection is arranged into series:

(1) Staff Meeting Minutes, 1975-1986.

Dates: 1975-1986

Corning Museum of Glass Studio

 Record Group
Identifier: CMOG-RG18
Dates: 1996-2000

Czech Glass Lighting Ephemera

Identifier: MS-0180
Scope and Contents This small hodgepodge of a collection includes design drawings, photographic prints, printed material, order forms, and invoices documenting the manufacture and sale of glass chandeliers, light fixtures, and lamps in Bohemia / Czechoslovakia between World War I and World War II. Johann Simm, Berhold Sedlak, Josef Roessler, Hugo Ulbrich, and Josef Riedel are among the glass manufacturers represented. However, many items in the collection cannot be associated with a specific manufacturer. Wage...
Dates: Circa 1924-1940

L. Earl Dambach Papers

Identifier: MS-0200
Content Description This small manuscript collection consists primarily of incoming and outgoing correspondence between L. Earl Dambach and other glass collectors, including Edmund R. Blaske, Charles Gardner, Lowell Innes, Helen McKearin, James H. Rose, among others. Most letters are casual in nature and contain social commentary on glass collectors as well as some provenance and pricing information. It also includes articles written by Dambach, clippings about Dambach, and two photographs of flasks,...
Dates: 1955-1966

Jay and Micki Doros Collection of American Glass Manufacturing Ephemera

Identifier: MS-0036
Scope and Contents

This collection contains glasshouse money and ephemera assembled by Jay and Micki Doros. The collection is divided into five series:

(1) Correspondence and Subject Files, 1810-2009

(2) Glasshouse Money, Circa 1813-1994

(3) Postcards, 1901-1990

(4) Stereoscopic Cards, 1862-1905

(5) Clippings, 1903-1996

Dates: 1810-2009

Bandhu Scott Dunham Papers

Identifier: MS-0038
Scope and Contents The Bandhu Scott Dunham Papers are largely composed of collected materials about glass artists, including articles, exhibition announcements, catalogs, and photographs of their work. Materials by and about Dunham, including articles, correspondence, exhibition announcements, and a sticker for his "Xorplex" line of glass pipes, may be found in Box 2. Also of interest are materials pertaining to the glass pipe industry, including material on the exhibition "Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture...
Dates: 1989-2016

Edwin A. Whitcomb Correspondence

 Collection — Box: 01, Folder: 03
Identifier: SC-0003
Scope and Contents This small collection consists of a single letter from Edwin A. Whitcomb to a friend, James Cain, in Connecticut. Whitcomb, employed by Ravenna Glass Company's company store in Ravenna, Ohio, briefly describes the rhythm of his work, the patronage of the store by glassblowers, and his impressions of the town. He also states his intention to move to Kansas and "never go back east." Whitcomb additionally discusses Thanksgiving preparations and his intention to attend an upcoming dance....
Dates: 1858

Friedrich Egermann Notebooks

Identifier: MS-0243
Scope and Contents This small collection contains two notebooks attributed to the Bohemian glassmaker Friedrich Egermann. Neither notebook appears to be complete, and the bindings are no longer intact. The first, dating circa 1818 to 1854, contains remarks ("Anmerkungen") perhaps copied from various print sources, glass or glass-related recipes, account records, and notes. The earliest pages, bearing the dates 1818 and 1820, appear to be repurposed ledger sheets from another source.The second...
Dates: Circa 1818-1857

Erwin Eisch Artwork and Correspondence

Identifier: MS-0225
Scope and Contents

This small set of drawings, monoprints, and accompanying correspondence includes thirteen original works of art created for Susanne K. Frantz, a Corning Museum of Glass curator and friend of the artist. Most of them bear a personal dedication to Frantz.

Materials are largely organized chronologically.

Dates: 1992-2002

Kate Elliott Papers

Identifier: MS-0238
Scope and Contents This small manuscript collection consists mainly of correspondence between staff at the Pilchuck Glass School as they assembled a comprehensive list of glass artists from around the world who would eventually receive program materials from the School. Included is Fritz Dreisbach's request for artists’ contact information, a list of recipients, and their replies, as well as the final list of glass artists. Marvin Lipofsky contributed a significant number of artists to the list....
Dates: 1972-1980

English Enameling Receipts (Recipes)

 Collection — Box: 01, Folder: 02
Identifier: SC-0002
Scope and Contents This small collection consists of two separate handwritten notebooks containing enamellers' receipts, or recipes in modern terminology. They are of unknown authorship and appear to be unrelated to each other. The earlier notebook contains receipts and notes dating from 1799 to 1801 and describes steps in the process of firing enamel in different colors and on different surfaces. Its pages are quite tattered at the edges, probably from use. The later notebook's wrapper...
Dates: Circa 1799-1801; CIrca 1848

English Glassware Photograph Album

 Collection — Box: OV 01
Identifier: MS-0245
Scope and Contents This album contains about 200 black and white professional photographic prints of 17th and 18th century English glass. Objects depicted include Jacobite engraved glasses and "Amen" glasses, airtwists and opaque twists, balusters, rummers, sweetmeats, candlesticks, and Beilby enamelled glasses. Some of the prints have annotations on the back identifying objects and owners of objects. Objects from prominent private collections (Schreiber, Albert Hartshorne, Rese-Price, Joshn S. Risley, and...
Dates: Circa 1900-1930

George Erml Photographs

Identifier: MS-0177
Scope and Contents

The George Erml Photographs, a set of images created by a Czech-American architectural and portrait photographer, is arranged in two series:

1. Photographs of Glass Artists' Works, Undated

2. Photographs of Glass Artists, Undated

Dates: Circa 1965-2000

External Media about the Corning Museum of Glass

 Record Group
Identifier: CMOG-RG04
Scope and Contents

These records contain external media clippings about The Corning Museum of Glass and objects in its collection published locally, nationally and internationally.

The records are divided into three series:

(1) Newspaper Clipping Scrapbooks, 1951-1979

(2) Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1950-2020

(3) Media Activity Reports, 2001-2012

Dates: 1950-2020

Johannes Feenstra Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MS-0195
Scope and Contents The Johannes Feenstra Papers contain primarily lecture and course materials, with accompanying slides, videos and videotapes, although media is housed by format, not with accompanying curriculum. There is one box of personal papers and photographs, correspondence and clippings. There are books on glass, glassmaking and glass technology, including technical publications from Philips Glass and Schott-Nederland. There are also a variety of periodicals published by various glass...
Dates: 1978-2000

Lawrence Finn Handbills

Identifier: MS-0234
Scope and Contents This small collection consists of four handbills advertising demonstrations offered by Lawrence Finn, an itinerant glassworker. The handbills were acquired from different sources and placed together as a collection. They promote shows offered in London, New York City, and Augusta (presumably in Georgia). In his demonstrations, Finn created figurines, spun glass, and other small glass novelties for live audiences. The handbills not only describe Finn's shows, but also provide the locations,...
Dates: Circa 1815-1843

Robert Florian Studio Glass Photographs

Identifier: MS-0044
Scope and Contents

The collection comprises mainly photographic prints, proof sheets, and negatives, but it also includes a small amount of correspondence and newspaper clippings. This collection consists of two series:

1. Correspondence and Clippings, Circa 1962-1988

2. Photographs, 1962-2004

Dates: 1962-2004

Edward Ford Family Papers

Identifier: MS-0186
Scope and Contents The Edward Ford Family Papers, 1907-1947 consist of correspondence, financial records, house construction records, and ephemera. Most items are sorted chronologically, although financial records are in alphabetical order, as the original owner filed them. Family correspondence includes many letters from Edward Ford’s grandson George Ross Ford Jr. to his family from boarding school and from later years of his life, as well as a few letters from George’s teachers to his parents and...
Dates: 1907-1947 ; Majority of material found within 1931-1933

Foster Family Business Records

Identifier: MS-0223
Scope and Contents This collection consists of business records from a variety of glass container manufacturing companies and glass jobbing firms owned by members of the Foster family in the Northeast and Midwest. The records are divided into eleven series:(1) George W. and Charles W. Foster Papers, 1866-1902(2) John M. Foster Business Correspondence and Subject Files, 1921-1974(3) John Morrill Foster Personal Correspondence, 1923-1953(4) Dean, Foster & Co....
Dates: 1866-2000; Majority of material found within 1920-1960

Henry R. Frankel Collection on Marian Karel and Dana Zámečníková

Identifier: MS-0232
Scope and Contents In anticipation of writing an article about Czech glass artists Marian Karel and Dana Zámečníková́, Henry R. Frankel recorded interviews with Karel and Zámečníková́ in 1996. These interviews, as well as related photographic prints, slides, and gallery ephemera make up this small collection. The interviews with Karel were conducted in English and Czech with a live translator. The interviews with Zámečníková́ are in English. In the recorded conversations, the artists discuss their...
Dates: Circa 1978-1996

Laurinda Freitas Cut Glass Patterns

Identifier: MS-0204
Scope and Contents The Laurinda Freitas Cut Glass Pattern collection consists of 147 rubbings and sketches for glass engravings, mostly undated, that document designs applied to tableware, barware, vases, ash trays and other common glass pieces. Some rubbings and sketches are accompanied by a brief textual description relating to the pattern and its intended purpose. The rubbings and sketches depict floral and wildlife motifs, geometric shapes, hearts, numbers, and monograms. Several booklets and templates...
Dates: Circa 1960-1979

Robert C. Friedrich Collection of Glassware Advertisements

Identifier: MS-0049
Scope and Contents This collection consists of magazine advertisements for glassware for the table and home. The U.S. American magazines _House and Garden_ and _House Beautiful_ are the primary sources of the advertisements. Companies represented include Steuben, Libbey, Cambridge, Fostoria, Blenko, Seneca, Westmoreland, Duncan, Heisey, Anchorglass, and others. Some of the ads depict women using glassware in domestic settings; one features a woman working in a glass factory during World War II....
Dates: 1931-1957; Majority of material found within 1940-1955

Emile Gallé Collection

Identifier: MS-0050
Scope and Contents

This collection is of mixed provenance and contains an assemblage of correspondence, design drawings, and ephemera created by Emile Gallé, French designer and leader of the Art Nouveau movement, and his workshop. It is divided into three series:

(1) Correspondence and Sketches, 1880-1895

(2) Writings and Images, 1884-1969

(3) Design Drawings, 1880-1904

Dates: 1880-1969; Majority of material found within 1880-1904

GEEX (Glass Education Exchange) Artist Prints

Identifier: MS-0089
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 13 photographic prints by various artists.

Dates: 2009-2021

Robert L. Gruen Papers

Identifier: MS-0061
Scope and Contents This small set of papers created by an industrial designer largely document his glass tableware designs for Sweden House, Inc. created in the 1940s. Materials include photographs Gruen's glassware, as well as and photocopies and photographs of his design drawings. The papers also include Sweden House, Inc. glassware advertisements and articles about Gruen and his design work in and beyond the glass industry. Of particular note is a charming press release about Gruen's interest in designing...
Dates: 1940-1990

Sam Halstead Contemporary Stained Glass Documentaries

Identifier: MS-0233
Scope and Contents

This digital collection consists of five documentary films. _Lighting the Way: The German Pioneers of Contemporary Stained Glass_ is the longest of the films, running 90 minutes. It includes interviews with German and American artists and art historians and numerous images of German stained glass windows, mostly taken by Halstead. The remaining four films are significantly shorter, running 13 to 20 minutes each, and consist largely of interviews with the featured artists.

Dates: 2017-2020

Charles S. Hayes Collection of Stained Glass Design Drawings

Identifier: MS-0062
Scope and Contents

This collection of stained glass presentation drawings and cartoons is divided into four series by stained glass studio or designer:

(1) Henry Keck Stained Glass Studio, 1948, Undated

(2) Reynolds, Francis and Rohnstock, Circa 1924-1941

(3) Harry Wright Goodhue, Circa 1923-1931

(4) Wilbur H. Burnham Studios, Circa 1940

Dates: Circa 1923-1948

Jeffrey Rush Higgins Collection on Frederick Wilson

Identifier: MS-0068
Scope and Contents

The Jeffrey Rush Higgins Collection on Frederick Wilson includes both personal and professional materials. The bulk of the collection is made up of artwork and window designs found in the second series.

(1) Personal Papers, 1885-1990 (3) Design Drawings and Artwork, 1890-1930

Dates: 1885-1990

Paul M. Hollister Papers

Identifier: MS-0071
Scope and Contents The Paul M. Hollister Papers are comprised of materials that Hollister created and collected during his career as a glass scholar, professor, and lecturer. These materials document Hollister’s interest in a variety of glass subjects during his lifetime. The papers are divided into six series: (1) Research Files: Major Projects, Circa 1851-2012(2) Research Files: Glass Topics, 1719-2013(3) Correspondence, 1966-2003(4) Lectures and Interviews,...
Dates: 1719-2013; Majority of material found within 1950-1990

John Clyde Hostetter Collection on the 200" Disk

Identifier: MS-0072
Scope and Contents

The collection consists largely of photographs documenting the creation of the 200" glass disk made by Corning Glass Works. It also includes biographical information and historic glass-related miscellaneous materials collected by John C. Hostetter. Materials are divided into two series:

(1) Photographs, 1934-1936

(2) Miscellaneous Materials, 1831-1962

Dates: Circa 1831-1962; Majority of material found within 1934-1936

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