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A.Brière (Firm) Lighting Design Drawings

Identifier: MS-0168
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 46 design drawings for art deco interior and exterior light fixtures. Depicting a wide variety of desk and task lighting, ceiling fixtures, and standing lamps, the drawings were created with several different media -- pencil and color pencil, ink, watercolor, and gouache.

Dates: Circa 1925-1935

A. F. Purdy & Co. Letter Copy Book

 Collection — Box: 01
Identifier: MS-0224
Scope and Contents The A. F. Purdy & Co. Letter Copy Book contains copies of outgoing business correspondence regarding the sale and delivery of silica sand to glass factories. Most of the correspondence is to their glass factory clients and the railroads and shipping operations that transported the sand. These letters discuss the price of the sand, the amount to be shipped, and other workings of the silica sand mining business. Researchers will also find business correspondence regarding the sale and...
Dates: 1886-1895

Amelung Excavation Records

Identifier: MS-0001
Scope and Contents These records comprise documents produced between 1962 and 1966, during excavation at the John Frederick Amelung glasshouse site in Maryland. They also include as well as more recent material, such as reports on the excavation and photographs of the excavation selected for exhibition. The records are arranged into five series: (1) Records of the Amelung Excavation, 1962-1966(2) Background Reseach Materials, Circa 1962-1963(3) Ivor Noël Hume's...
Dates: 1962-1976

American Scientific Glassblowers Society Records

Identifier: MS-0217
Scope and Contents

This small set of records contains some key documentation of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, including its certificate of incorporation and bylaws, annual reports, information regarding the election of officers, and seminar / symposium registration forms and programs. However, researchers will find the records to be fragmentary.

Dates: 1954-2019; Majority of material found within 1965-1975

Art Centrum Collection

 Collection — Box: 01, Folder: 05
Identifier: SC-0005
Scope and Contents

This small collection contains large format photographic prints of glass objects sold through Art Centrum. Of the seventeen prints, thirteen of these are labeled on the back with the name of Czech Glass Artist, Vaclav Cigler. The other four prints have information about the object and pricing written on the back. These four prints are stamped by photographer George (Jiří) Erml.

Dates: Circa 1977-1989

Arthur Churchill Ltd. (London, England) Records

Identifier: MS-0239
Scope and Contents These records of a prominent English antique glass dealer are divided into eight series:(1) Stock Books, 1928-1971(2) Business and Client Correspondence, 1933-1966(3) Photographs and Negatives, 1921-1976(4) Sales Lists and Draft Catalogs, 1935-1947(5) Financial Records, 1957-1965(6) Research Files, 1904-1962(7) Newspaper Advertisements and Clippings, 1919-1965(8) Miscellaneous Materials,...
Dates: 1904-1978

B Team Records

Identifier: MS-0197
Scope and Contents

The B Team Records document the performances, demonstrations and tours of a troupe of performance artists who worked with blown glass. The collection consists of seven series:

(1) Administrative, 1989-1999

(2) Notebooks, Circa 1992-1998

(3) Performances, 1991-1998

(4) Promotional Materials, 1989-1999

(5) Photographs, 1991-1999

(6) Artifacts, Undated

(7) Audiovisual Materials, Circa 1990-1999

Dates: 1989-1999

Arlon Bayliss Papers on the Crystal Arch (Anderson, Ind.)

Identifier: MS-0007
Scope and Contents

The Arlon Bayliss Papers on the Crystal Arch (Anderson, Ind.) provide insight into the conception and execution of a community-funded glass public art project. The papers consist of design drawings, project timelines, planning documents, financial records, development and fundraising documents, press clippings, photographs, and legal documents. Materials are organized loosely and filed by document type.

Dates: 1996-2005

Edwin J. Beinecke Enameled Glass Collection Documentation

Identifier: MS-0010
Scope and Contents The Edwin J. Beinecke Enameled Glass Collection Documentation consists of bound volumes of assembled excerpts and accompanying English translations of auction catalogs, museum publications, periodical articles, and monographs pertaining to Beinecke's enameled glass collection, donated to The Corning Museum of Glass in 1957. References to objects in the collection are noted with Beinecke's original object numbers. Some references document objects in Beinecke's collection, while others...
Dates: 1493-1966; Majority of material found within 1849-1966

Dorothy Blair Papers

Identifier: MS-0012
Scope and Contents

These papers of an Asian glass curator and Japanese glass scholar consist of five series:

Series 1: _A History of Glass in Japan_ Correspondence and Research Files, 1958-1977

Series 2: Asian Glass Research Files, 1915-1977

Series 3: Translations of Japanese Literature about Glass, Undated

Series 4: Personal Papers, 1890-1982

Series 5: Miscellaneous Materials, 1920s-1987

Dates: 1890-1987

Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka Collection

Identifier: MS-0013
Scope and Contents The Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka Collection represents the work of father and son glassmakers in Germany who created hundreds of botanical and marine invertebrate study models in the late 1800s and early 1900s, supplying institutions all over the world. Materials in the collection date from the mid-1800s to the 1920s. The collection is arranged in three series: Series I. Drawings, Series II. Business and Series III. Personal.This collection includes over 900 working drawings and...
Dates: Circa 1850-1940

Adolphe Bournique Collection

Identifier: MS-0015
Scope and Contents

The Adolphe Bournique Collection consists of documents tracing the working history of Adolphe Bournique’s career in glass manufacturing. The collection is arranged into two series:

(1) Batch Books and Ledgers, 1882-1925

(2) Correspondence, Print Materials and Photographs, 1883-1977

Dates: 1881-1977; Majority of material found within 1881-1925

Robin Brailsford Papers

Identifier: MS-0201
Content Description

This small collection consists of photographs (slides, prints, and negatives) of Brailsford's glass works, exhibition announcements, and public art installation promotional material, as well as collected glass- and ceramics-related ephemera.

Dates: 1964-2021

Bristol Glass Works Ledger

 Collection — Box: 01
Identifier: MS-0046
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of a ledger owned by Bristol Glass Works. The ledger was used to record sales from the company store. The ledger includes the dates November 1823 through September 1824. The ledger is 272 pages. The first 94 pages have been removed from the binding and pages 95-104 are missing.

Dates: 1823-1824

Jaroslav Brychta Drawings

Identifier: MS-0226
Scope and Contents This small collection consists of three colored pencil and ink drawings by Jaroslav Brychta given to Suzanne K. Frantz by Brychta's daughter, Jaroslava Brychtová. Susanne K. Frantz was a curator at the Corning Museum of Glass. The correspondence from Brychtová to Frantz that accompanied these drawings is also in the collection. Materials are organized alphabetically and by material type. Estimated dates assigned to the drawings are based on the dates assigned to similar drawings...
Dates: Circa 1950-1996

C. Dorflinger & Sons Collection

Identifier: MS-0035
Scope and Contents

This collection of records and design drawings of an American glass and cut glass manufacturer consists of two series:

(1) Ledgers, Notebooks, and Price Lists, 1895-1921

(2) Design Drawings, Circa 1900-1920

Dates: 1895-1921

Frederick Carder Papers

Identifier: MS-0017
Scope and Contents The Frederick Carder Papers include both personal and professional materials from the glassmaker's century-long life. The bulk of the collection is composed of sketches and design drawings. It also includes glass recipes, travel diaries, correspondence, awards, business and professional records, photographs, and design inspiration. The collection is arranged in 11 series:Series 1: Biographical Information, Circa 1866-1963Series 2: Wordsley School, Circa 1880-1903...
Dates: Circa 1862-1966; Majority of material found within 1880-1942

Karen S. Chambers Collection on Contemporary Glass Artists

Identifier: MS-0019
Scope and Contents

Researchers will find a wealth of collected and original information on various contemporary glass artists in this collection. The combination of materials--slides, paper records, and audio--offers unique views into the lives and work of contemporary glass artists. The collection is divided into three series:

(1) Slides, 1930-2001

(2) Correspondence and Subject Files, 1954-2002

(3) Interviews, 1983-1997

Dates: 1930-2002

Colnet Family Genealogical Record

 Collection — Box: 01
Identifier: MS-0236
Scope and Contents This late 17th century manuscript traces the genealogy of one of the foremost families of Belgian glassmaking. In it, the "gentleman glassmaker" Jacques de Colnet attests to the noble lineage of the Colnet family, also known as the de Colnet or de Colinet family. The family's status as master glassmakers and its exemption from bourgeois taxation are traced back to the mid-15th century. The bulk of the manuscript is dated 1692; a 1698 addendum describes a marriage postdating the manuscript,...
Dates: 1692; 1698

Leland A. Cook Papers

Identifier: MS-0206
Scope and Contents

This collection documents the rich and varied career, Leland A. Cook, former advertising photographer for Tiffany and Company.

This collection consists of five series:

(1) Tiffany and Company Working Files, 1958-1999

(2) Bolton Family Research Files, 1820-1970

(3) Correspondence and Subject Files, 1904-1998

(4) Photographs, 1960-1990

(5) Personal Papers, 1915-2009

Dates: 1820-2009; Majority of material found within 1950-1980

Corning Glass Works Collection

Identifier: MS-0027
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials gathered over several decades pertaining to Corning Glass Works (since 1989, Corning Incorporated) and its products. Researchers should note that Corning Incorporated maintains its historic records of enduring value within the the Corning Incorporated Archives. The Corning Incorporated Archives may be reached at the following email address: collection consists of two series:(1) Subject Files, 1868-2013...
Dates: 1868-2013

Corning Glass Works Photograph Collection

Identifier: MS-0028
Scope and Contents

This set of early photographic prints of Corning Glass Works factories consists of two series:

(1) Original Factory, 1868-1889

(2) Reconstructed Factory, 1889-1905

Researchers should note that some of the photographs have been dated according to the number of factory smokestacks depicted in the images. There were five in 1888, eight in 1891 and 1898, ten in 1903, and twelve in 1905.

Dates: 1868-1905

Czech Glass Lighting Ephemera

Identifier: MS-0180
Scope and Contents This small hodgepodge of a collection includes design drawings, photographic prints, printed material, order forms, and invoices documenting the manufacture and sale of glass chandeliers, light fixtures, and lamps in Bohemia / Czechoslovakia between World War I and World War II. Johann Simm, Berhold Sedlak, Josef Roessler, Hugo Ulbrich, and Josef Riedel are among the glass manufacturers represented. However, many items in the collection cannot be associated with a specific manufacturer. Wage...
Dates: Circa 1924-1940

L. Earl Dambach Papers

Identifier: MS-0200
Content Description This small manuscript collection consists primarily of incoming and outgoing correspondence between L. Earl Dambach and other glass collectors, including Edmund R. Blaske, Charles Gardner, Lowell Innes, Helen McKearin, James H. Rose, among others. Most letters are casual in nature and contain social commentary on glass collectors as well as some provenance and pricing information. It also includes articles written by Dambach, clippings about Dambach, and two photographs of flasks,...
Dates: 1955-1966

Jay and Micki Doros Collection of American Glass Manufacturing Ephemera

Identifier: MS-0036
Scope and Contents

This collection contains glasshouse money and ephemera assembled by avid collectors, Jay and Micki Doros. The collection is divided into five series:

(1) Assorted Ephemera, 1810-2009

(2) Glasshouse Money, Circa 1813-1994

(3) Postcards, 1901-1990

(4) Stereoscopic Cards, 1862-1905

(5) Clippings, 1903-1996

Dates: 1798-2009

Bandhu Scott Dunham Papers

Identifier: MS-0038
Scope and Contents The Bandhu Scott Dunham Papers are largely composed of collected materials about glass artists, including articles, exhibition announcements, catalogs, and photographs of their work. Materials by and about Dunham, including articles, correspondence, exhibition announcements, and a sticker for his "Xorplex" line of glass pipes, may be found in Box 2. Also of interest are materials pertaining to the glass pipe industry, including material on the exhibition "Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture...
Dates: 1989-2016

Edwin A. Whitcomb Correspondence

 Collection — Box: 01, Folder: 03
Identifier: SC-0003
Scope and Contents This small collection consists of a single letter from Edwin A. Whitcomb to a friend, James Cain, in Connecticut. Whitcomb, employed by Ravenna Glass Company's company store in Ravenna, Ohio, briefly describes the rhythm of his work, the patronage of the store by glassblowers, and his impressions of the town. He also states his intention to move to Kansas and "never go back east." Whitcomb additionally discusses Thanksgiving preparations and his intention to attend an upcoming dance....
Dates: 1858

Friedrich Egermann Notebooks

Identifier: MS-0243
Scope and Contents This small collection contains two notebooks attributed to the Bohemian glassmaker Friedrich Egermann. Neither notebook appears to be complete, and the bindings are no longer intact. The first, dating circa 1818 to 1854, contains remarks ("Anmerkungen") perhaps copied from various print sources, glass or glass-related recipes, account records, and notes. The earliest pages, bearing the dates 1818 and 1820, appear to be repurposed ledger sheets from another source.The second...
Dates: Circa 1818-1857

Erwin Eisch Artwork and Correspondence

Identifier: MS-0225
Scope and Contents

This small set of drawings, monoprints, and accompanying correspondence includes thirteen original works of art created for Susanne K. Frantz, a Corning Museum of Glass curator and friend of the artist. Most of them bear a personal dedication to Frantz.

Materials are largely organized chronologically.

Dates: 1992-2002

Kate Elliott Papers

Identifier: MS-0238
Scope and Contents This small manuscript collection consists mainly of correspondence between staff at the Pilchuck Glass School as they assembled a comprehensive list of glass artists from around the world who would eventually receive program materials from the School. Included is Fritz Dreisbach's request for artists’ contact information, a list of recipients, and their replies, as well as the final list of glass artists. Marvin Lipofsky contributed a significant number of artists to the list....
Dates: 1972-1980

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