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Pyrex advertisement: Up to 50% reductions on popular Pyrex brand dishes

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140496
Dates: Publication: December 1932

Pyrex advertisement: Ware Town and Country collection

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141230
Dates: Publication: 1963

Pyrex advertisement: What do you girls want for Christmas

 Digital Record
Identifier: 144094
Dates: Publication: November 1943

Pyrex advertisement: What shall he eat? Good bread and butter

 Digital Record
Identifier:  98302
Dates: Publication: April 1924

Pyrex advertisement: When it's Pyrex ware you can see it's clean

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140902
Dates: Publication: October 1948

Pyrex advertisement: Who are you marrying, me or this Pyrex ware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139764
Dates: Publication: May 1942

Pyrex advertisement: Whole meals that cook in 20 minutes

 Digital Record
Identifier:  140443
Dates: Publication: November 1929

Pyrex advertisement: You can make better coffee every time with Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141132
Dates: Publication: February 1957

Pyrex advertisement: You don't have to guess when you bake in Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140409
Dates: Publication: April 1925

Pyrex advertisement: You were only 10 when I bought it

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140295
Dates: Publication: May 1925

Pyrex advertisement: You'll have no pans to do, after this meal

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140429
Dates: Publication: September 1925

Pyrex advertisement: You'll want this Expert's Book on Better Cooking

 Digital Record
Identifier: 143893
Dates: Publication: February 1925

Pyrex ephemera: Check the Pyrex ovenware you need

 Digital Record
Identifier: 82318
Dates: Publication: 1943

Pyrex ephemera: Give sparkling Pyrex ware, the ideal gift

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139509
Dates: Publication: 1944

Pyrex ephemera: How to save time in your kitchen

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139519
Dates: Publication: 1940

Pyrex ephemera: New 8 piece Pyrex refrigerator and oven set

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139516
Dates: Publication: 1947

Pyrex ephemera: Pyrex: Experts book on better cooking

 Digital Record
Identifier: 129395
Dates: Publication: 1924

Pyrex ephemera: Pyrex, for tea, for gifts

 Digital Record
Identifier: 123580
Dates: Publication: 1925

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