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Pyrex advertisement: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake for Christmas cheer

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140283
Dates: Publication: December 1924

Pyrex advertisement: Perk it in Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140928
Dates: Publication: 1951

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex baking ware saves metal, fuel, food

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140330
Dates: Publication: September 1918

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex bakingware in color

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141103
Dates: Publication: 1952

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex color ware sale

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141186
Dates: Publication: May 1952

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex gift fair [1953]

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141177
Dates: Publication: 1953

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex gift fair [1954]

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141161
Dates: Publication: May 1954

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex gift set

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140355
Dates: Publication: December 1920

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex puts the see in cooking

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141163
Dates: Publication: February 1954

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex showers for June brides

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140422
Dates: Publication: May 1925

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex spring campaign

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140764
Dates: Publication: February 1944

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex stars for Christmas giving

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140906
Dates: Publication: December 1949

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex, the 365 day gift

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140407
Dates: Publication: December 1923

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware beats the high cost of giving

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140780
Dates: Publication: December 1947

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware makes all your cooking easier

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141171
Dates: Publication: April 1953

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware: New shapes for new profits

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141857
Dates: Publication: April 1963

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware: Still worth discovering

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141831
Dates: Publication: May 1970

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware: Today's look for today's cook

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141855
Dates: Publication: February 1960

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware will see you through

 Digital Record
Identifier: 144089
Dates: Publication: October 1943

Pyrex advertisement: Pyrex ware works so many ways to help you

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141834
Dates: Publication: March 1961

Pyrex advertisement: Quick! Click! Instant fit

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141833
Dates: Publication: May 1961

Pyrex advertisement: Save in the kitchen

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140318
Dates: Publication: February 1919

Pyrex advertisement: See anything here but a good Christmas present

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139759
Dates: Publication: December 1947

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