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Pyrex advertisement: It's clear! It's sparkling! It's Pyrex flameware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140778
Dates: Publication: October 1946

Pyrex advertisement: Just in time for Christmas giving

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141137
Dates: Publication: 1956

Pyrex advertisement: Just your dish

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141160
Dates: Publication: 1955

Pyrex advertisement: Let's have a Pyrex ware party for the bride

 Digital Record
Identifier: 98282
Dates: Publication: June 1959

Pyrex advertisement: Look right through

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140298
Dates: Publication: October 1916

Pyrex advertisement: Made for each other

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141894
Dates: Publication: May 1978

Pyrex advertisement: Make cooking more fun for mother

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140905
Dates: Publication: 1949

Pyrex advertisement: My wife sure makes food fight for freedom

 Digital Record
Identifier: 142553
Dates: Publication: April 1944

Pyrex advertisement: New daisy Pyrex ware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141864
Dates: Publication: 1968

Pyrex advertisement: New: Dressy Pyrex.

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141898
Dates: Publication: 1977

Pyrex advertisement: New low prices, famous Pyrex ovenware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140281
Dates: Publication: September 1938

Pyrex advertisement: New Pyrex gifts

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141182
Dates: Publication: 1959

Pyrex advertisement: New Pyrex holiday house gifts

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141127
Dates: Publication: December 1958

Pyrex advertisement: New Pyrex honeymoon-house gifts

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140921
Dates: Publication: June 1958

Pyrex advertisement: New! Pyrex sets at new savings

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140761
Dates: Publication: 1940

Pyrex advertisement: New! Pyrex three-purpose refrigerator dishes

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140442
Dates: Publication: October 1929

Pyrex advertisement: New tempered Pyrex flameware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141169
Dates: Publication: March 1953

Pyrex advertisement: Next: Horizon Blue Pyrex ware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141829
Dates: Publication: October 1969

Pyrex advertisement: Now cook in glass on open-flame

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140093
Dates: Publication: 1936

Pyrex advertisement: Now from the makers of Pyrex ware: Desert Dawn

 Digital Record
Identifier: 98313
Dates: Publication: August 1955

Pyrex advertisement: Now it's Pyrex dinnerware

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141168
Dates: Publication: 1953

Pyrex advertisement: Now let every Pyrex dish serve you all these ways

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140760
Dates: Publication: October 1942

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