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Pyrex advertisement: Cook in clear, clean glass

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140279
Dates: Publication: December 1937

Pyrex advertisement: Cook in pure, clean glass

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140280
Dates: Publication: December 1936

Pyrex advertisement: Cook, look, and love it

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140942
Dates: Publication: March 1950

Pyrex advertisement: Crisp brown undercrusts just like the top

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140315
Dates: Publication: June 1918

Pyrex advertisement: Every-day foods in a glamorous guise

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140750
Dates: Publication: September 1930

Pyrex advertisement: Extra sales appeal where it counts most for you

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140927
Dates: Publication: January 1950

Pyrex advertisement: Fifty new designs and reduced prices for Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140402
Dates: Publication: February 1922

Pyrex advertisement: Foods will look so appetizing

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140430
Dates: Publication: December 1925

Pyrex advertisement: For every meal, every day

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140406
Dates: Publication: May 1923

Pyrex advertisement: For fine food and a festive table

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141094
Dates: Publication: November 1950

Pyrex advertisement: For perfect baking, always use Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier:  140436
Dates: Publication: February 1926

Pyrex advertisement: From freezing to boiling without breaking

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140314
Dates: Publication: May 1918

Pyrex advertisement: Gifts sparkling with beauty that work menu-magic

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140499
Dates: Publication: December 1930

Pyrex advertisement: How to get off to a good start in your new life

 Digital Record
Identifier: 139853
Dates: Publication: August 1946

Pyrex advertisement: Is this genuine Pyrex

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140404
Dates: Publication: May 1922

Pyrex advertisement: It's clear! It's sparkling! It's Pyrex flameware

 Digital Record
Identifier: 140778
Dates: Publication: October 1946

Pyrex advertisement: Just in time for Christmas giving

 Digital Record
Identifier:  141137
Dates: Publication: 1956

Pyrex advertisement: Just your dish

 Digital Record
Identifier: 141160
Dates: Publication: 1955

Pyrex advertisement: Let's have a Pyrex ware party for the bride

 Digital Record
Identifier: 98282
Dates: Publication: June 1959

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