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International Association for the History of Glass



  • Existence: 1956 (date of establishment)
  • Usage: 1956 (date of establishment)


The International Association for the History of Glass (AIVH) seeks to promote scholarly knowledge of the history of glass, from antiquity to the present, through academic publications and conferences. It was founded in 1956 by Joseph Phillippe, then director of the Musee Curtius of Liège. Its membership includes a wide variety of professionals engaged with the study of glass history, including archaeologists, art historians, artists, collectors, museum curators, and scientists worldwide.

AIVH held its first congress in 1958 in Liège and has hosted a congress every three years since that initial gathering. Proceedings of each congress are published under the title _Annales du Congrès de l’Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre_.